Freie Plätze im Kurs „Theorising the Ghost in Contemporary Literature and Culture“

Der Kurs findet über die erste Hälfte des Semesters montags 10:00 – 13:15 im Raum M1001 ab dem 15.04.2024 statt.


Ghosts seems to be everywhere right now. In recent years, there has been a significant number of non-genre cultural works that revolve around the process of haunting. Novels, films, literary criticism, art, music, photography and theory have shown a tendency towards the spectral. How should we come to terms with the experience of haunting, and what can it tell us about the present? How does the appearance of ghosts place a kind of pressure on the very concept of “the present”? What is the relationship of haunting to other forms of lingering or “present” absence, as inscribed at the heart of traumatic histories of racial or sexual violence? How do different media or art forms haunt each other, and haunt us? In this course, we will be finding out.